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Despite the gentrification of the last decade, Lisbon remains one of the cheapest destinations in Western Europe. Therefore it’s possible to find grub to fill the belly of even the most cash-strapped traveller.

One good tip to find cheap food is to watch out for restaurants with fixed price menus, which in Portuguese are called ‘prato do dia’ (dish of the day, literally). These may cost around €4 to €6, which is as cheap as it gets for a proper meal.

Bakeries (‘pastelarias’) are also good options for those looking for a bargain and they can be found everywhere. There you can find meal deals where locals order sandwiches with prices around the €3 region. Grocery stores sometimes sell proper meals as well, which you can take away to have outdoors. So do supermarkets, in some cases.

Tao Restaurante Natural

Tao Restaurante Natural is a restaurant that serves set meals for around €5 and it is very vegetarian friendly. The place serves sushi, risottos, grilled aubergines and salads. Sugar-free desserts are also available.

Tao Restaurante Natural: Rua dos Douradores, 10. Tel: +351.218.850.046.

Os Tibetanos

Still on the health food end, Os Tibetanos is a vegetarian restaurant kept by a Buddhist centre and it has a lovely, tranquil atmosphere. It also offers a dish of the day option for around €7.

A Tibetana: Rua do Salitre, 117. Tel: +351.213.142.038.

Pastelaria Nascer do Sol

For a taste of Africa, check out Pastelaria Nascer do Sol, a food pub  that serves Angola moama, a typical dish that consists of chicken and okra, and cachupa, a stew made of corn flour, beans and meat. Portions serve two and cost between €5 and €6.

Pastelaria Nascer do Sol: Rua Poço dos Negros 94, São Bento. Tel: +315.966.589.996.

 Koni Store

The Portuguese love all things Brazil and one of the latest imports from their ex-colony is temaki, a kind of Japanese style fast-food cone-shaped rolls. Koni Store recently opened in the Chiado District and offers 21 types of temakis, whose prices are lower than €5. There are both savoury and sweet versions of temakis. Open all day, this is the kind of food that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, both as a meal or a more robust snack.

Kong Chore: Rua da Trindade, 28. Tel: +351.213.462.426. Web:

Casa Liège

Casa Liège is another destination for cheap eaters. It is at the top of Elevador da Bica and serves rather heavy, meat-centred food, besides fish and omelettes. Main dishes cost between €4.35 and €5.60.

Casa Leite: Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, 72. Tel: +351.213.422.794.

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